About Esperanza

Our Vision and Mission


Through CP football we wish to nurture fair play and respect for opponents.
We aim for a society where every contribution is valued equally and where individual skills add to a diverse and vibrant community.


We offer a place and opportunity for people with cerebral palsy and limb impairements to participate fully in our society.

Our History

2002Cerebral palsy football club Esperanza founded
2004Start junior team trainings (elementary school group)
2007First CP Junior Football Academy in Japan
2010Start promotional services
2012NPO CP Soccer&Life Esperanza established
2013Yomiuri Welfare Culture Award
 Adapted Sports Award 2013
2013Opening first disability football school
2014Host seminars for life skill improvements
20157-a-side regular football tournament started
2016Launch of the disability football website`Match`

The challenges we face

  • It is hard to understand peoples handicap
    merely by appearance,
  • Difficulties in interaction,
  • Lack of independence and desire to
    improve, caused by passiveness
    and helplessness.
The solution as we see it

We think that it is of vital importance to create a place and opportunity,
for pupils to learn new skills so they can become
independent and determined.


At Esperanza we create an environment where physically disabled kids can grow, both mentally and physically in fun football trainings.

Towards future independence through football.