2019.01.18 First Frame Football matches in Japan

With the generous support from Knights in White Lycra,we are able to introduce a new sports to Japan. It’s been long time coming but we have first Frame Football exhibition match scheduled in February!
On the 9th, 10th and 11th February, on the long Foundation Day weekend, we have many activities coming up regarding Frame Football, with the first ever exhibition match on the 10th of February!
So have your pick of activities on  the following days and places (all events are  free of charge):

9th of February: 
This is the first day when the lecturer IFCPF Secretary General Sam Turner from England is giving a lecture on Frame Football and explains ins and outs of the Frame Football (history, rules etc.) to participants, coaches and people interested.
This is a learning and trial session for all parties, to get the first taste of Frame Football.

Where: Futsal Stage & E’s CAFE:http://www.futsal-stage.com/use_guidance3.html
14:00~15:30 Lecture(FF introduction)  for Physio Therapists, Coaches
15:30~17:00 FF Trial Session for Children with limb impairments
*PT and coaches taking part in lecture will assist during trial match
17:00~18:00 Question and answer session with coaches PT’s and players

10th of February:
On this day we will put the learned knowledge from previous day into practice by playing  trial game at Yokohama Rapport special needs sports center.
Where: Yokohama Rapport http://www.yokohama-rf.jp/rapport/access/ 
10:00~12:00 Trial game for children with limb impairments
12:30~15:30 Lunch meeting/CP-Football meeting (Opinion sharing session about the current state of CP-Football  with CP-Football players and Coaches)

11th February:
This is an event organized by Kanagawa Football Federation. There are lot of other football related activities happening and Esperanza’s Frame Football trial by general public is one of the activities among others.
Where: Kamome Football Park  http://www.kanagawa-fa.gr.jp/footballcenter/
10:00~11:30 Lecture(FF introduction, history, rules etc.) for Physio Therapists, Coaches
12:30~13:30 FF Trial Session for Anyone interested (including general public)
13:30~14:30 Participation in Inclusive Football