2019.02.15 Frame Football finally in Japan!

Three days of Frame Football and CP Football events in the bag!(in the net?)

To introduce Frame Football to Japan, Esperanza invited a special lecturer, Sam Turner, from International Cerebral Palsy Football Federation, to Tokyo.  Three action packed days of lecturers, workshops and training were in store,  to get the Frame Football kick-started in Japan.

FF lecture and training

In a rare snowy February day, we were given a lecture about the history, rules and current state of affairs of Frame Football. Overall, there were more than 20 participants attending the lecture- mainly physiotherapists, coaches and university professors.

A quick recap of the main points. The game was invented in England, in 2014, and has been on the steady rise across Para sports community. Apparently, it enjoys good foothold in Europe and Britain. The sports was designed to cater for the needs of kids who use frame  for their daily mobility. Due to a level of impairment which falls between CP-Football and Powerchair Football,  many of theses players didn’t have a proper outlet  to participate in sports. Hence the birth of Frame Football!

Following the  theory session, it was time for the main event with the first ever Frame Football training session  and match in Japan. Ten young players were eager to play with the custom made frames.

 Given, it was for all of the kids, the first time to play the Frame Football, everybody did extremely well. They were showing some spirited efforts despite the  chilliness of the gym! All  kids were fantastic but  special mention has to go out to our youngest participant- Muyu-chan, who also happened to be the only girl player! Well done Muyu!

Finally, after the dust had settled, the first match ended in goalless draw.  So, more  to aim for next time!


Sunday’s CP-Football session and discussion

Our quest lecturer was kept busy on Sunday as well. He gave CP-Football training  and had a Q&A session with Esperanza kids, adult members and coaches at Yokohama Rapport Para Sport Center. As Sam has the inside knowledge of CP-Football community through IFCPF, the main points of  discussions included new classification system, CP-Football current state of affairs  and the future developments.

Kanagawa’s Football Festival

The final day of Frame Football was on 11th of February. Sam, kids and Esperanza staff gave a demonstration about Frame Football to all at the  Kangawawa Football Festival. It was organized by Kanagawa Football Federation as a invitational event for football specialists. Besides an introductory lecture, participants had also an opportunity to try the frames out. 

Although it was a very cold holiday weekend it was a great start for the new sport.  So we can take heart on the future developments of Frame Football. Most importantly, the kids enjoyed the events a lot and we made lot of inroads in PT network and Para sports community. Those aspects are of vital importance to make Frame Football a success story in Japan. Great start is  half of the success!

Last but not least Esperanza would like to thank Knights in White Lycra. An amateur international group of men & women who ‘get fit & give back’ through sport & social events. Thanks to their generous support the purchase of 12 custom made frames became a reality!