2018.09.25 Esperanza ladies in Female CP Football Development Camp!

As CP Football is trying to get re-elected to the Paralympic program, the International Federation of Cerebral Palsy Football (IFCPF) has stepped up its efforts of developing Female CP Football. As a result, the first Female CP Football Development Camp was held in Spain, Barcelona (8th-11th August), where two Esperanza players participated!

Spanning four days in an effort to popularize Women’s CP Football, various workshops, meetings and sessions were organized. The camp culminated in the first Female CP Football Exhibition match. There were nine players from Spain, two from Netherlands and our own Miyabi and Mai from Esperanza, representing Japan! In addition to polishing their football skills, it was also a great opportunity for them to make new friends. How did it go? Maybe it’s better to hear it ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’!

“As there are only a few female CP Football players in Japan, it was exciting to meet fellow women players from other countries and test my skills. To be honest, I was bit nervous at the beginning of the camp, but my initial worries disappeared in the midst of the training.The England coaches’ training sessions differed from my usual ones with Esperanza’s but it was a nice change! On the third and fourth day of the camp, I really felt how everybody had improved their game!
The training helped to confirm the aspects of the game I have to improve on. At the same time I could see where my strengths lie and actually felt some progress in some areas of my game. If another chance to participate in such a camp arises, I would love to do it!”
“The camp was a good chance to play in an exciting, international atmosphere, where nationality nor age mattered.
The coaches put the emphasis on players’ abilities to make their own decisions during games. In addition, a lot of training time was dedicated to tactical aspects and how to defend as a team, where the ability to analyze your own play in a team setting was crucial.
Personally I got lots of advice and feedback on how to use both my feet while dribbling and passing the ball. It was needed but it was quite a struggle because it confirmed how much I rely on my stronger foot in football.
I believe that the camp fulfilled its purpose of popularizing Womens CP Football.”

Esperanza is looking for new lady CP players. Don’t hesitate to join our training, even if you don’t have any previous footballing experience. Come along and let’s have fun!

Further information in English about the camp and Female CP Football in English:
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