2018.09.18 Coming soon – Frame Football to Japan!

Esperanza has started preparations for the launch of a completely new form of football in Japan. It’s called Frame Football, designed for people with heavier impairments, but who’d still love to play the beautiful game. It is gaining popularity in Europe, especially in Great Britain’s para sports community, where it was first developed, but is still relatively unknown in Asia.

With the generous donations received from the “Knights in White Lycra” , (a fundraising group of men and women in Japan raising funds through sporting events), Esperanza is now able to order ten custom-made frames needed to stage the first Frame Football exhibition match in Japan. You can find the exact timeline for the preparations and process at the end of this article. We currently anticipate that the first match will take place in February 2019, preceded by an instructional seminar with a special guest lecturer from England.

Frame Football gives people who couldn’t participate in other para football events (e.g cerebral palsy football) an opportunity to participate despite their heavier impairment (people using walkers and crutches for mobility). Frame Football will create a level playing field for the kids, youth and adults who have so far been excluded from football because of their disability. This, together with social engagement and camaraderie which always accompanies team sports, will be the main benefits for the participants and moreover, the inclusion of a wider spectrum of society in sport.

We are already very excited to see how our Frame Football Messi’s and Ronaldo’s will light up the Japanese para football community with their tricks and flicks! Come and witness for yourself the emergence of this new sport in Japan!

Schedule for Frame Football:
August-September: Making and adjustment of the first prototype frame
October-November: Ordering and construction of ten custom made frames; start of promotion and information sharing (leaflets, spreading of information in welfare organisations etc)
December: Custom made frames completed
February 2019: First exhibition match, preceded by an instructional seminar with a guest lecturer from the UK.