CP Football

What is CP Football

CP is an abbreviation of Cerebral Palsy (brain related impairment). CP 7-a-side Football was invented in Europe by changing some football rules in order to facilitate the disabilities of players with cerebral palsy. From 1984-2016, it was an official Paralympic event. It is now an international sports with competitions like CP Football World Cup and regional championships.

  • 17-a-side football
  • 2Size 5 football used
  • 3Pitch size(70×50m), goal(5×2m)
  • 4No offside rule
  • 5Under hand (one-handed) throw-ins accepted
Participants players with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders including stroke and traumatic brain injury.

Esperanza Aims

  1. To create an environment where anybody can enjoy football through the spirit of fair play and "Football for all" motto.
  2. Create opportunities where participants can display their talents and abilities, and can learn to be active participants in society.
  3. Acquire social skills and self-reliance through playing football by interacting with role models.
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Esperanza Football Club

Kids 6-10
years old
To discover the fun of playing football and moving around
Sedona 10-13
years old
While learning to show consideration to others, acquire solid basic football skills
years old
To learn how to apply individual skills for the benefit of the team, while also improving your football skills
Youth 15-18
years old
Know how to conduct oneself in society and group settings, how to work together in a team and polish individual skills.
Esperanza Over 18
years old
Participate in and organize various competitions and events such as the Japan Championships, and also represent team Esperanza to the best one's ability.

Team members wanted

Do you want to join our team? We are always on the lookout for new players and members. Interested or curious? Don`t hesitate to contact us!

Trainings Every weekend, on Sunday
Location  Mainly around Yokohama, Kawasaki and Tokyo area
Participants  Boys and girls starting from elementary school with limb impairements.