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Corporate Supporter

We take great care to provide a safe organizational management, while constantly looking for ways to improve our program.
There are different ways for you to support our cause. It can be sponshorship of our organization in the field of volunteering, funds, equipment, personnel. It is also possible to support specific projects, such as shirt sponshorship, sponsoring a specific CP player or child. Feel free to consult with us to find the best way for your possible contribution.


Esperanza needs your skills! We would love to have your support!!
We are currently looking for:


Contribution content : Planning and management of fundraising events, management of sponsors and supporters
Skills needed : Excel/Word/Powerpoint,
previous event management experience is a plus
Time : Depending on the need, usually few hours per week
Period : Throughout the year


Contribution content : Taking pictures and videos at our events
Skills needed : Experience in portraits and photographing sports events
Time : Mainly on weekends (events take place usually on weekends)
Period : Throughout the year

Social network management

Contribution content : Management of social network accounts and posting content on Twitter and Facebook
Skills needed : Proficiency of creating engaging social network content
Time : Depending on the need, usually few hours a week
Period : Throughout the year


Contribution content : Design of webpages, advertisements and leaflets
Skills needed : Know how to use Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign
Time : Depending on the need, usually few hours a week
Period : Throughout the year

Content writer

Contribution content : Creating articles and content of annual reports and articles
Skills needed : Ability to write engaging articles
Time : Mainly on weekends (on time of events)
Period : Throughout the year


Contribution content : Translation of websites and event materials (English to Japanese, and Japanese to English)
Skills needed : Able to translate both ways
Time : Depending on the need, usually few hours a week
Period : Throughout the year

In-Kind Goods & Service

At Esperanza, in addition to financial donations, there are other ways to contribute. If you find from the list below activities or products that are close to your heart, we are more than happy to hear from you.

We are in need of:

  • • Refreshements and drinks for trainings and events
  • • Venues where to conduct our trainings, competitions and events
  • • Prizes for competitions

We are also very grateful if you are able to contribute to our future events your know-how, knowledge or skills in the following areas:

  • • Joint developement of programs and assessments
  • • Dispatchement of specialists (such as content writer, cameraman, designer etc.)
  • • Dispatchement of trainers and lecturers (football trainers, life skills trainers etc.)

Sponsor a 'knights in White Lycra' rider

knights in White Lycra

The Knights in White Lycra (KIWL) is an international cycling group of men and women of all ages and abilities raising funds for disadvantaged children in Japan. This year NPO Esperanza will benefit from their support and in June 2018, 42 KIWL riders will cycle 500km from Nikko to Ichinoseki to raise funds for us.

KIWL is aiming to raise Y2.5 million to allow us to be the first NPO to introduce ‘Frame Football’ to Japan. Frame Football is an established sport in many western countries which enables children with more severe forms of cerebral palsy to play the ‘beautiful game’. NPO Esperanza will be able to widen its membership allowing more children with CP to play football. The frames will be a long-lasting and sustainable legacy, so please help the Knights make this dream happen for us by donating below, thank you so much!

Please write the name of the rider you are supporting to the 'discription' field.